Cruxee aims at – end to end online Businesses, Not just Websites

Gone are the days where websites are mere content pages which are meant for generating leads and showcasing the business. They merely have contact forms and other forms of contacting customers along with the description of the products they sell and after sales service information, attributes of the product e.t.c..

Cruxee caters to the real needs of online business by proving that website is not just a mere pages in a browser but an online business which meets the goals of a business such as - marketing, sales, CRM, customer service and whatever the business needs.

We at Cruxee believe that Online Businesses are what our clients are looking for. We believe that a website mindset is unproductive and unhelpful, and we still believe it now.

Cruxee is a platform built for end to end Online Businesses - with business goals and business tools and business.. well, everything. It's also a platform designed to help you, as a web professional, to build Online Businesses. So you can see - we're pretty serious about this Online Business thing. That's why it's our mission to help you build Online Businesses, not Websites.

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